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Widespread of ACLS Training Course
02.01.2014 11:24

Basic Life Support is the real foundation of Advanced Cardiac Life Support. So a well performed basic life support results in excellent ACLS. The American Health Association has set out a few standardized guidelines to perform ACLS that can prevent the dreaded effects of cardiovascular disease when provided soon. These globally accepted life saving skills is practiced in all countries for saving countless lives. Today ACLS Study Guide has become more widespread because this specialized knowledge is mandatory now for all health care personnel. Not only every nursing staff, every health care practitioner- especially anesthesiologists, cardiologists, emergency room physicians, critical-care interns and specialists should know the basics of ACLS and do ACLS Practice Test in order to work effectively as a team and offer the best possible medical care to critically ill patients.

Duties of Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider

The ACLS Study Guide teaches you many crucial things and the following are some of them:

1. Support ventilation and offer oxygen administration
2. Monitor the cardiopulmonary quality
3. Monitor and attach a defibrillator
4. Offer cardioversion
5. Intravenous access establishment
6. Give correct pharmacologic medication

ACLS Provider offers effective and quality cardiovascular care
The American Heart Association or AHA emergency cardiovascular care gives great emphasis on the performance of high quality chest compressions in emergency care. A person who has got ACLS certification and have passed ACLS Practice Test can work at emergency care sections of any health care. The initial 6 to 10 minutes of offering CPR to a cardiac arrest victim are very important for the chances of survival of the victim. These guidelines guide all medical care provider as well as the advanced cardiac life support and basic life support providers for them to offer effective and quality emergency cardiovascular care to patients.


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